Welcome to MoneyIsland™!

MoneyIsland™ is a free online experience that teaches children, around the ages 8 to 14 how to manage their finances and make the most of their financial future! Although fun, MoneyIsland™ isn't just a video game, it's an interactive adventure featuring quests to exotic destinations, that helps children become financial gurus along the way, while trying to save Stone Broke! Children also earn real life rewards like custom T-Shirts and even movie passes to their local theater!

Get Started

  1. Go to ucu.moneyisland.com
  2. Click "Play" and then "Join as Adult"
  3. Enter the UCU access code: n66gtx
  4. Sign up the kids and let the fun and learning begin!
  5. Once you join, you can pick up your MoneyIsland™ Passport at your local UCU branch to track your adventure!
  6. In order to play, please note that you must have the latest version of Adobe Flash and disable any popup-blockers in your web browser.

Knowledge is power

Financial Literacy is at an all time low in the United States. This trickles down to our youth, who too often don’t receive the skills they need to succeed. MoneyIsland™ changes all of that, while making it fun for kids in the process!

Parents play too

Parents play an important role in MoneyIsland™ to help their children reach their goals. With built in tools that track their children's progress, parents can follow along with emailed progress reports. On the MoneyIsland™ site, there's also special lesson plans designed for parents and teachers to supplement the child's learning!

Together we can adventure to MoneyIsland™ and save Stone Broke!

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