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Real Estate Services

UCU's Real Estate Services will help you realize the dream of home ownership and/or sell your existing home with less hassle.


UCU's Real Estate Services will help you save time and money. We offer a cash back program where the amount you receive back is based on the value of the home you buy and/or sell.

Members who use UCU's Real Estate Services may be eligible to receive a commission rebate check up to 20% of the buyer's broker commission. Double your savings by buying and selling through UCU Real Estate Services.


In addition to quality service and savings on your real estate and mortgage transactions, UCU Real Estate Services is pleased to offer The Homebuyer Privileges. This program brings you a number of discounts and benefits at nationally known home stores.


You will have three key people working as your team as you move towards your real estate goals. Your Advocate will explain how the program works, determine your needs and introduce you to the Real Estate Agent* that is best suited to help you accomplish your goals. Your Advocate will work with you until the entire real estate purchase or sale is complete. The third and final member of your team is your UCU Loan Officer who will help you find the ideal loan for your dream home.


  • UCU Real Estate Services is open to all members
  • Members are eligible to participate unless they have entered into any of the following contracts:
    • Purchase and Sale Agreement
    • Exclusive Buyer Agency Agreement
    • Listing Agreement
    • The Member is currently registered in any Real Estate Affinity or Rebate Program
    • The Member is being reimbursed for any real estate related costs by their employer or through a relocation or purchase program of any type.
  • Members who are obligated under a listing agreement may use UCU Real Estate Services for the purchase of their new home. The opposite is true, too. Members working with a real estate agent for the purchase of their home may use UCU Real Estate Services for the sale of their existing home.
  • Member must agree to use an agent referred to them through the program. Agents outside the Program are not eligible to participate.
  • Valid only for single-family and multi-family (up to four units) residential properties, including, but not limited to, condominiums, PUDs, and qualifying manufactured homes. This service includes owner-occupied homes, second or vacation homes and investment properties.

*Real Estate Brokerage services provided by carefully selected local broker
*** Offers subject to change without notice